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#1 Text to Reignite a Spark with a Guy

Notes from the Video

One of our clients came to us needing clarification about how to re-engage with this man she liked. She pondered various approaches: asking him out directly, sending a letter, or having a friend intervene. My advice? Send a straightforward, thoughtful text.

For example, share a link or a GIF about a common interest, adding a message like, “Saw this and thought of you…” This approach is flirtatious yet subtle, suggesting interest without being overwhelming.

The Bigger Picture: Shifting Mindsets
More importantly, the session focused on shifting the client’s mindset. It’s crucial to challenge and reframe limiting beliefs about the scarcity of potential partners. In her case, acknowledging the presence of good men in her large metropolitan area was vital. This shift from a scarcity to an abundance mindset can open up new possibilities and prevent her from fixating on just one person, a situation we often refer to as ‘oneitis.’

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Empowering Beliefs: Seeing New Opportunities
By embracing the belief that there are amazing men in her area, our client can start noticing potential partners wherever she goes. This new, empowered mindset is essential for moving beyond a singular focus and engaging in a more fruitful love life.

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