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7 Things Men Do When They’re Extremely Attracted to You

Here’s what you need to know about us men: when we are really into a woman, we get very excited! Although we might desperately want to play it cool, we can’t help ourselves.

So, if you’re looking for signs that a man is extremely attracted to you, pay attention to these seven things.

  1. He’s going to want to spend time with you alone

I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years, and a common story I hear from women is this: They went out on a first date with a guy, and things went great. The next thing you know, he’s invited her over to his place to cook her dinner.

Yes – if a man is extremely attracted to you, he will want to spend time alone with you, whether his intentions are good or bad.

However, I recommend pacing the progression of your connections (Little Love Step #5) so that you don’t rush into anything too soon. I would not recommend going to his place or yours for the first three to five dates – keep it PG and public.

  1. He finds ways to touch you

Another sign that a man is extremely attracted to you is he breaks the physical touch barrier (but not in a creepy way).

When a guy likes you and your connection builds, he will struggle not to touch you. I don’t mean being handsy here – steer clear of those guys.

And if you’re attracted to a man, you should also find subtle ways to touch him (appropriately). This sends a green light to the other person that says, “I’m into you.”

  1. His eye contact lingers

Have you ever said something to a guy and looked away, then looked back only to find he’s still looking at you? How about three times in a row?

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When a man is extremely attracted to you, he will struggle to pry his eyes away from you.

It will be less of a stare and more of a deep gaze into your soul. You’ll know it’s happening when you see it.

  1. He will try to protect you from other men

Research shows that men tend to get jealous more than women, and a certain amount of jealousy is healthy for a relationship. So this is okay as long as it doesn’t become toxic.

When a man is into you, he will naturally be more protective of you. For example, his voice might drop when talking to other men, or he’ll be extra curious when you mention another guy you’re spending time with (even if it’s completely non-romantic on your part).

  1. He might tease you or poke fun at you

You know how when a boy had a crush on you in fourth grade, he would tease you like crazy, and this was his way of communicating, “I like you”?

Well, if it wasn’t clear already, boys don’t really grow up that much.

So if a man is teasing you a little bit or poking fun at something (like a shirt you’re wearing or the way you pronounce a certain word) in a lighthearted way, this usually means he’s into you. Try not to take it seriously!

  1. He might touch his face a lot when he’s talking to you

When a woman is attracted to a man, she often starts playing with her hair. And when a man is attracted to a woman, he will naturally begin to touch his face.


He is grooming himself for you because he wants you to be attracted to him.

When I was dating Jessica, she called me out on this and said, “why do you keep touching your face?!”

I wasn’t doing it consciously; I was attracted to her!

  1. He might withdraw or be shy around you

The final sign a man is extremely attracted to you is if you notice that he withdraws a little in your company. This is often true for younger and less experienced guys.

Pay special attention to how he behaves with other people. If he’s generally more outgoing and comfortable with others but gets nervous or awkward around you, this is a strong sign he likes you.

My final piece of advice is to avoid getting into analysis paralysis over what a man is or is not doing. If he is talking to you, pursuing you, asking you out, and investing his time and energy into you, this demonstrates clear intent and is a sure sign he’s attracted to you. So relax, enjoy yourself, and be present with him.

Have you ever seen any of these signs from a guy? Tell me all about your experiences in the comments below.

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