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Halloween Date Ideas For Couples

Well, life is so hard! The daily tasks, travel, family, friends, & kids (in a few cases) often leave us busy, and we cannot spend our time with the essential person in our lives. So we suggest you plan a date with your BAE and make them feel special.

Date nights are an essential part of every married or non-married couple. So why not merge it into one of the year’s most unique and funny holidays? If you want to enjoy Halloween at home or would prefer to go out, here are the most fantastic Halloween date ideas to make this year the most special.

Have A Romantic Halloween Movie Date Night

The best option for a romantic & fun Halloween with your partner or husband involves getting on the sofa or couch and seeing the haunted movies. You may cuddle each other, and it would be the best option for spending time with each other. You both can come closer and make your haunted experience fun and exciting. There is no better excuse to hold each other’s hands and get closer.

My top 5 recommendations for movies to see on your Halloween date are:

  1. It
  2. Misery
  3. Psycho
  4. The Conjuring
  5. The shinning

You may choose any of the above movies and see them with your partner in a cozy blanket with some snacks or popcorn. It’s a little bit lazy and a romantic date plan.

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Book A Cabin In The Woods

For couples looking to get romantic quality time with each other, there is nothing crazier and more fantastic idea than reserving a night or two at a cozy cabin resort in the woods. Turn on a horror movie or build a roaring fire during your stay. You can also play haunted games there, such as the Bloody Marry challenge, ouija board challenge, Cluedo, etc.

Throw A Halloween Party Together

It’s time to schedule a festive party when you both have your outfits perfectly. Even as adults, you’ll enjoy marveling at everyone’s creative costumes. You can throw a Halloween party together and can turn this spooky day into a romantic haunted date. Besides, you may invite all couples you know or your friends to attend this party and arrange a ball dance on Halloween playlists. This haunted party can lighten up your mood; this is why it is one of the best Halloween date ideas for couples.

Make Caramel Apples Together

A delicious and festive treat like caramel apples is ideal for a Halloween date night. Shop for ingredients together at the farmers’ market to extend the date, and don’t forget to get creative with the toppings. Making a delicious caramel apple dip can even allow you to turn this traditional Halloween snack into a party dish.

After finishing the hard work, enjoy a glass of juice or wine as you wait for your dish (caramel apples) to cool. It is one of the best Halloween date ideas for couples.

Create Halloween-inspired Treats

All you need for this enjoyable and festive foodie date idea is a fast search on Pinterest and a trip to the grocery store. Create spooky delights like little mummy dogs, ghost-shaped biscuits, or sweet potato jack-o-lanterns.

Before you and your group enjoy the spread, don’t forget to click a few pictures! It is one of the most creative and fun Halloween date ideas for foody couples. They can enjoy food together by adding some haunted spice.

Go To A Local Haunted Location

If you are aware of a haunted location in your city (such as a spooky cemetery or graveyard, creepy roads, a corner where someone undoubtedly committed a historical murder or crime), challenge your partner to go visit the place with you as a scary and adventurous haunted date idea at night.

Then, you both can take the help of drinks from your favorite restaurant to digest the haunted experience (if it happens). By the way, this will not happen; you are not going to see any ghosts, in reality, so relax and chill with each other after visiting those scary spots.

Prepare Or Plan Halloween Costumes For Each Other

Couples can make Halloween costumes for each other on this spooky day. It will add some haunted spice to this day. What would be more impressive and romantic than showing your creativity to each other? It could be the perfect Halloween date idea for couples on this spooky day.

You can both take pictures and capture some snaps with each other, making this day more fun and fantastic. This kind of date seems more dedicated and romantic than a regular date. You can collect your memories together and show them off later in front of your friends and family.

Decorate Your House With A Halloween Theme

As we decorate our home for Diwali, Christmas, and Eid, we can also decorate it for Halloween day. This decoration could turn into a romantic Halloween date with your partner if you arrange snacks for each other. You both can dance with each other after completing the decoration. You may add some crispiness by using haunted songs. This is one of the best Halloween date ideas for couples who want to spend quality time with each other.

Horror Story Competition

You can host a scary story competition and can see who can tell the spookiest story. It’s like being at camp, but without the weird counselors, uncomfortable beds, & have a better meal. You should give your guest plenty of time to think about their horror experience so that they can share those haunted experiences with you and make that day more adventurous and exciting. Don’t forget to distribute prizes to the winners.


All these points indicate the perfect Halloween date ideas for couples. If they want to do something unique on their date or make their partner surprise, they may pick any of the ideas from the above lines.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1 Gift Ideas For Couples Who Have Everything?

Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or Halloween day, gifts play a significant role in adding love and can make you feel that you are special to the person who is gifting you. You can also plan a gift for your partner to make your Halloween more fun and exciting.
Here we will mention some spooky gift ideas for couples who want to make surprise each other on the day of Halloween.
1. Cute ghost-designed candle
2. Pumpkin waffle maker
3. Pumpkin-designed pillow
4. Witch’s brew coffee
5. Pumpkin-designed mug
6. Luna, witch dol

Q.2 Date ideas for couples who have been together a long time?

For couples who have been together a long time, it’s really a fantastic idea to plan a Halloween date night. Here we will mention a few best Halloween date ideas for couples at night to add extra spookiness.

  1. Visit a haunted house together.
  2. Attend a Halloween costume party
  3. Bake a spooky Halloween cake with each other
  4. Have a Halloween-themed lunch and dinner
  5. Enjoy a haunted movie together
  6. Play Halloween games.

Q.3 Cute date ideas for teenage couples when cold?

If we talk about teenage couples, they usually don’t have much money to spend on each other or blow on dates. Here we will mention a few cheap and cute date ideas for the teenage couple on Halloween, such as:

  1. Take pictures together in Halloween outfits and post them on your social media platforms, such as Instagram.
  2. Bake some cakes or cookies and decorate them with Halloween designs
  3. Visit a haunted place to add some spookiness.
  4. Surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend with some handmade crafts or gifts
  5. Visit the library together and read Halloween stories
  6. Wear a DIY pair of matching bracelets.

Q.4 What are fun first-date ideas on Halloween?

First-date is the most important date of your life, whether you are a teen or an adult. You can plan many spooky surprises if this is your first date on Halloween. Here you can see a few best Halloween date ideas that are spookily romantic, such as:

  1. Plan a ghost tour
  2. Go for a long drive at night and listen to some horror music
  3. Try some spooky DIYs (at your home) and gift each other
  4. You may gift each other (through online delivery) a haunted costume and wear them on your first date.
  5. Have some Halloween-themed drinks and snacks together at a restaurant or cafe.
  6. Book a haunted movie and go for a movie date (it would be the best first date on this spooky day)

Q.5 How do I plan a romantic date on Halloween?

Halloween or romance together doesn’t suit. It’s totally different from each other, but what if we combined them together and planned a spookily romantic date on Halloween? Here we will discuss a few ideas that you may arrange for Halloween and make your date more romantic.

  1. Have a bonfire night together.
  2. Buy matching costumes for Halloween.
  3. Spend your night in a haunted hotel.
  4. Visit a Halloween-themed bar together.
  5. Go on a Hayride with your partner.

You may try all these ideas to make your Halloween romantic; besides, you may choose to watch horror web series at home together on a blanket and have some food and drinks.

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