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How To Start A Conversation On Tinder?

Are you worried and don’t know how to start a conversation on Tinder? Unable to think what to say to a guy/girl in the first message on Tinder (or how to respond to their “hii” or “hello”)? So, there is some good news for you. Yes! Tinder conversation is easier than you think. This blog will show you how to start a conversation on Tinder with precisely what to say to a guy/girl in those first few Tinder messages. We will even show how to turn the Tinder conversation into an actual -life date.

Do Not Start The Conversation With “Hi.”

“Hii,” “Hello,” and “Hey” all these words look like the most common & laziest conversation starter. It’s entirely impersonal, and if you get a lot of messages, it’s terribly dull. Sometimes I also don’t like to reply to these kinds of messages because I find them useless & boring.
It is also a sign that the other one either didn’t care to write something more or did not have the imagination to think of something better to say. “Hello, how are you?” seems better than “Hello” only. It shows your interest in that person, and the chances of conversation might increase after this text. Maybe they will reply, “I am fine, and what about you.” It will help you both to know about each other and have a positive impact on the conversation. It could extend the chance of a conversation on Tinder with your match.

Start Your Tinder Conversation With Strategic Compliments.

It is the most crucial point to start a conversation on Tinder with some excellent and decent compliments. As a woman, I have had lots of “Hey, you are so hot,” “Hey, sexy,” or “Hello, beautiful!” I rarely ever reply to those texts. If the guy doesn’t have a profile that would make a girl run a mile just to meet with that person, I simply don’t reply because that guy is just concentrating on physical, which is a turn-off. It doesn’t seem genuine and looks completely lusty and fake.
It can destroy your impression in front of that person. Besides, do you think people who look good would not have heard that they look good? Yeah! So maybe they are looking for something unique and new. On a platform like Tinder, we have this fantastic opportunity to meet so many people. The main thing is they also have the same opportunity.
That clearly shows there’s competition. Therefore, it’s essential to start a message with some strategic complements. You may try something like: “I can’t believe in my eyes you cooked that tempting and amazing food in your picture. You must be a great cook.” If you give compliments on their skills and hobbies instead of their physical appearance, it might help to drop a good impression in front of that person. As a result of this, the chances of your conversation on Tinder increase more.

Focus On Commonalities

It’s an easy & best way to get another person’s attention. If you find something common between you and them, it might help you to chat longer. For example, Hey Rahul! I see you visited Goa! I love that place! So many beautiful memories of sunsets by the sea.” Instantly you have indicated that you have something in common, & you have given a chance to other people something to talk about.
You can understand this with another example: I saw one of your pictures is on a boat. I grew up sailing; I like Ocean a lot! So, tell me, are you a sailor in real? Or do you commonly fall off the boat at the initial sign of a wave? It seems a little bit funny, along with common interests.
Again, you are pointing out something you have similar, but there is also a bit of a challenge asking them if they are sailors or not. This kind of challenging thing is better for men than women. This is how you can start a conversation on Tinder longer with your match. It might help you to convert your Tinder conversation into an actual -life date.

Start A Conversation On Tinder
Start A Conversation On Tinder

Focus On Proper Spelling And Grammar

As you know, the first impression is the last impression. It’s a famous proverb. People can focus on proper spelling and grammar on these kinds of platforms. If you don’t care enough to send an appropriate message, they won’t reply.
You have to write a unique and polite message with no grammatical errors. It will show your good education with etiquette. This kind of text can quickly help to start your conversation on Tinder with your match.

Text In The Evening And Use Their Name

It would help if you always used their name, where possible. It is so personal & makes an instant connection. It’s always better to send a text in the evening time, as most people are not at work. The genuine reason behind it is that it’s easier to forget to reply to a text when you are busy working.
In case you texted them in the morning and they didn’t notice your text, you may not be able to get a text from them in the future, and it will finish your conversation. Even after this, you message them repeatedly; it won’t leave a good impact and make you despo in their sight.
And nobody wants to date a desperate person, whether a boy or a girl. So, it’s pretty safe to text them in the evening when they get free. This point will surely help you to start a conversation on Tinder.
Following these points mentioned above to start a conversation on Tinder might also help turn your conversation into actual life dates.

Can You Search For People On Tinder?

It is one of the most asked questions about this application. Yes! You may search for a specific person on this app. You may easily find someone on Tinder not only by their phone number but also by image. It will help you to search for people on Tinder (whomever you want).

How Should Boys Write Bios On Tinder?

The best way to create an excellent Tinder bio is honesty. Share interesting insights into who you are, such as your favorite hobbies, what makes you different and better than others, and how a potential partner would fit into your life.
When it comes to talking about Tinder bio for guys, it should be exciting and eye-catching rather than show-off. It should be honest and interesting. Be sure to write a bio highlighting the most genuine and best versions of yourself, & make it a catchy profile so that whomever you are looking for won’t be able to swipe right fast enough!


Lastly, you should not use cheesy lines such as, are you a glitter? Because whenever I see you, my eyes start shining. It sounds like a cold and cliche line and makes your image as flirty as other playboys. It is almost the ending part of this blog, but I am still giving you advice here. Because there is no ending for ideas and suggestions. I hope! This blog will help you to start a conversation on Tinder with your partner.

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